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'Abtany' — coined from the Persian 'aab tani' — translates literally as 'playing in water', but it is the story of much more. Founded in London in 2020, by Creative Director Sourena Ghaffari, it is a Swimwear brand rooted in effortless joy, and all the miracles which a journey into water might reveal to us.

Abtany's story is one many miles and memories in the making, and begins as with Ghaffari, in his native Iran. Ghaffari's affinity for fabrics and fashion began in a childhood spent perambulating in the aisles of his father's textile factory, wrapping and draping himself in swathes of material that were waiting to be dyed. Joy often erupts in the most playful and simplest of details.

Hand-painted brushstroke motifs — inspired by the tones and textures of Iran's architecture; blended details that reflect the history and heritage of a rich, mercurial and fusing culture, nature, and ceramics, all of which that he came across in both his early years and in consequent research—are printed onto gorgeous, ethically sourced fabrics. Each collection is designed only once and produced in limited quantities, ensuring exclusivity and a promise that your swimwear won't be reproduced. This means that when you own an ABTANY piece, you possess a wearable work of art that will remain truly one-of-a-kind.

Abtany aims to offer timeless designs, with heritage at the core, yet with an eye on modernity. We aim to provide quality, without compromising on our ethics.
Abtany is lovers in lakes; a dive off of high cliffs; sun, sails and celebration; a dip, a wade in crystalline paradise; laughter that rings in a shade of deep blue and glistening coral reef. Promises of adventure. Water heals—paints us with life. Abtany seeks to follow you to your joy.

Founder of ABTANY Sourena Ghaffari

ABTANY founder & creative director, Sourena Ghaffari